Our company started by donating 1,300 Temple Massagers exclusively to service members and veterans for 7 years. Along the way a few exceptions were made, one was we donated to a Teacher and Speech Therapist. Three months later she wrote the following comment.

November 2012

Hi Joe, just wanted to let you know that my 14 year old student with autism has had the temple massager you gave me for a month now. He uses is regularly and it calms him quite a bit. He has vocal stims, that means he verbalized frequently and this has helped him calm himself. The stims are less prominent.

Thanks so much for giving me your product. You might want to consider marketing it to companies that specialize in products for people with sensory issues like autism.

Best regards, Lisa Smith

Lisa had asked our company how the Temple Massager was helping with Stress Injury aspects and feedback from donations. She saw a parallel between Stress injury and Autism Calming.

Other individual comments and testimonies came in that it helped calm.

Our company sought more feedback and donated Temple Massagers to Anova School in California. We were told the product did not seem practical for people under the age of 10-12 years. That Kids 10-12 years and above were more likely to understand how to use the Temple Massager to self-calm.

Finally, before our company presented this information we consulted with 5 PhD’s from two California Universities. They examined the Temple Massager in a cursory manner and all commented the device is calling on Acupressure, Aromatherapy and Muscle stimulation. They concluded that the product will possibly help a portion of the Spectrum Disorder population.

This is all anecdotal information that was brought to our attention and Meisch Temple Massager is making no claims that the Temple Massager can or will conclusively help with Autism calming. If you want to try the product for this purpose we hope it helps but do not claim it will. We have no medical studies to site but we are working on that.

Best regards,
Joe Meisch,
Meisch Temple Massager, Inc.