What they said.

Gulf War Combat Vet, Rob Smith Aug 2014 Bend, Oregon.

 “ I have headaches often and when my stomach is irritated I can’t take the meds. I used the Temple Massager and laid down for 20 mins and the headaches was gone, no drugs! Joe Your Temple Massager works.”


Combat Veteran Kelli Kirk Birdie Dec 2014 Nebraska.

I met Kelli Kirkbirdie on a FB Headache Support page, I explained to her I created the Temple Massager for my own facial muscle tension issues and that I was a vet donating to Vets and she asked to try the Temple Massager.

This is the response from Combat Veteran Kelli Kirkbirdie, Nebraska.

“ This is amazing I am loving it. It works amazing in conjunction with the other procedure, I have been migraine free for a while now. ”

I asked  if it was helping her?

 “ Yes I am it has been extremely helpful, I am using it every day as a preventive and my oldest don who has recently started suffering from headaches has been using it as well and is actually doing better in school since his headaches are much more manageable. ”



Combat Veteran Dec, 2014 testimony.

From Purple Heart Army combat vet.                                                             
Albert Poindexter, A.S. Massage Therapy.
Product review Temple Massager
Patent Number 7399287B2

“My initial reaction to opening my Temple Massager for the first time,
was to admire the simplicity of his design.
The large handle, simple adjustment tool, the curved arms, and the switchable pressure point massagers came together with an effective and elegant product. It was easy to figure out how to use, and in less than a minute provided me with relief. I found that I could use any number of strokes and techniques with this devise, and even on different body parts due to the adjustment tool. While I found that cross fiber friction worked best, I was able to apply ample trigger point pressure to specific areas. Once I felt the tension melt away from my temples, I tried the product on my jaw, focusing on the superficial muscles over the temporal mandibular joint, an area known for tension causing grinding of the teeth.
I found that it worked just as efficiently as the temporal region of the skull. I have tried many products already on the market, from muscle creams to vibrating massage wands, and thus far I have not found a product as effective as this has been over the last week. After my first week of using the Temple Massager, I have been able to get over my headaches a bit easier than I normally do. The difference between this device and competing product in my professional opinion is the Temple Massager allows for maximum control, while providing comfort and relief. This is a product that I would not only use myself, but would recommend to others suffering from tension headaches.”


Jan 2015  Navy SEAL, Combat Veteran.

“When I first met Joe Meisch and saw his device the Temple Massager I was fully skeptical. After my wife was using it I tried it and now find the Temple Massager useful for relaxing. I don’t use the Temple Massager all day, but when I am stressed, angry or frustrated I sit down and use it and it works. I also use it before bed. I can’t believe your product has not taken off yet.”