Yes, but do you have data?

8 years of donating 1,350 Temple Massagers to service members globally yielded data.

Military use data:

29 Palms Marines Base, Camp Pendleton Marine base. After 2 week field use, surveys indicated 50-60% of users indicated they found relief from stress anxiety / PTSD.

Academic data:

Cal State Hayward entrepreneur students data:
Survey and questionnaire indicate 47% of those who tried the Temple Massager for stress relief and headache relief found it helpful / found relief.

Independent veteran community data:

Donations to individual veterans of all branches indicate 45% of those who used the Temple Massager for calming, stress injury calming found it helpful.

Temple Massager company data:

 Company generated data from people that have facial muscle tension issues and or stress / PTSD indicate 45-50% of those who use the Temple Massager found it helpful.

I can see the Temple Massager is helping people with facial muscle tension issues and or stress anxiety / PTSD  issues. I started the company and began donating to help others in the name of two men I served with that gave all.  I can help more service members, veterans and the public but I need help to reach them so I have a Kickstarter campaign running. Please spread the word and help me help others.  Here is the link.


Joe Meisch