My Experience with WWP and Ken Misa.

Around 2012 I made contact with the Northern Calif WWP alumni manege Ken Misa.

I explained the Temple Massager as a stress relief tool and feedback received to Ken on the phone and offered to donate to his group if he thought it could help some folks calm in a drug free way. Ken agreed to have me come to two visits and I donated about 100 Temple Massagers to his group. Ken told me he was skeptical from the start.

Ken got  some feedback that some of the group found the Temple Massager helpful.

Fast forward 2 years to today. Ken is about to start USC grad school to get his credential in working with service members transitioning with stress injury. Ken called me and and asked if my company would partner with him and I said yes. He will be trying to incorporate the Temple Massager into his USC thesis on drug free calming. Ken has authorized me to reproduce his comments here as he is days away from beginning the fall semester at USC.

Ken's recent comments:


The 2.0 is fantastic! I really like the scent, I was really skeptical at first, but after getting a few drops on the pad I actually really enjoy the aroma therapy aspect. The different attachments is a really nice feature as well.(I have taken to the single point knobs.) The pressure screw takes some getting used to. Finding the perfect amount of pressure takes some time, but a good problem to have, I think. 

I got to be honest and say that you are blessed to have such a great product. I am honored to be apart of this product. When I first held the 2.0 I knew just from looking at the TM you have poured so much of yourself into this product, and it really showed through. The Grip circumference is perfect and the length of the arms should fit all head shapes, without fear of having ones nose right up against the pressure screw. 

Finally Joe, if in any way you need me to do a write up and or vouch for the TM please consider me an asset once again. I will do all I can as a grad student. 

Thank you for your dedication to our community. 

Best Regards 



Good to hear from you. I agree that the TM might cause some level of irritation, the lotion is a great cost effective solution, However, I might suggest a arm attachments (like in your earlier models) that offers a small pad for people whom may prefer more pressure and have sensitive skin. For myself I have been using the TM almost daily now and I cannot wait to present the TM to the instructors and clinicians at my residency. The marketing side of my grey matter tells me that the word of mouth and suggestions is going to drive interest with the TM.    


Best Regards 


To conclude I will say that my experience with the WWP was very positive and they are helping our veterans.. My experience with Ken Misa was outstanding. 

Ken Misa is a combat veteran, former WWP manager and he is a smart man. I have always respected Kens opinion because he is a person of great experience, ability and professional in his conduct. Ken was open minded in his willingness to hear me out and think outside the box. His curiosity was balanced with evidenced based reasoning. I feel great honor to have met Ken and I deeply repect his desires to help the veteran community, he is dedicated. 
My thanks.

As we move forward I am nervous and excited about the future of the Temple Massager and it's ability to possibly help with stress relief and calming in a drug free way.

The relationship between Ken and I is definable as veterans helping veterans. This we will fight for.

Grateful to serve and participate in our great society.