Only one guy had read it.

As time went on and I was donating Temple Massagers and people or groups to donate to I received my first media exposure. The Bohemian magazine out of Sonoma County. They wrote about my first Temple Massager the TM 1.0. I remember they put the story online as well as in print. In reading the online version I noticed they said I was an Iraq war veteran. I hold a deep respect for my comrades who are combat veterans. I am NOT a combat vet. I was mortified and called the paper, I told them that needs to be correct now, the person on the phone said something like we have that scheduled for this person and that time......I stopped her and said please listen to me now, this has to change now. This is wrong and you have to change it right now. I said some other stuff. She changed it within 10 minutes.

I saw some of the first feedback from the public through that article and it was positive and I thought I am on the right track.

 Enter Marine Corps Korean war combat veteran.

 My phone rings, is this Joe Meisch? Yes it is. The man said I saw your article in the Bohemian, could we talk in person about what you are doing? I said sure.

I visited Dave in Santa Rosa Calif on a mild fall afternoon, not far from where I live. I sat down and had coffee with Dave. Dave began to tell me that he was, is still a Marine. He served in Korea. He asked me if I ever heard of Chosin? Chosin reservoir? No Sir I said. Dave handed me a paper and said read this. I read that roughly 30,000 American and some British commandos held off 67,000 North Koreans and Chinese.  Dave said he was one of 12 survivors of a 112 man rifle company. He told me things the he saw and I’ll leave it there

 Dave very quickly explained to me that he meets with his chapter of The Chosin Few regularly, he saw the article and brought it up at a meeting. Dave handed me a check for $100.00 bucks. He said Joe we are average men and not rich but we all are proud of you and wanted to help as much as we could. I said I will cash this and then take the cash to the factory in Rohnert Park in Sonoma County. That there will be no administrative costs, fee’s and bullshit that the money will be delivered directly to the factory for more Temple Massagers. Dave said that’s great, if your Temple Massager helps our boys they are proud to help. I never met Dave before that day, I would fight to the gates of hell with and for Dave and his buddies. He thanked me! HA!!! I told Dave I will take your money and that I would be remise if I did not thank him for his service.

He thanked me, I have never been thanked by a man and felt it wholly unnecessary and inappropriate. I could see hear and feel Dave wanted to help me out of honoring his buddies and “our boys”  It was me who owed the thanks to Dave I was so blown away by his experience and that he survived, he thanked me! No NO NO I am supposed to thank you my brother it is you I feel gratitude for.

 How is it I have my first media and have to correct the misprint online that said I was a combat vet, and I meet Dave. To meet Dave and have his respect means that there is no amount of money that would pay for that.

 I have prayed to my creator to guide me, to show me a sign I am on the right track. I have prayed this many times. I say creator I will not ask you for help, you gave me a frontal lobe and an opposing thumb, I am Joe Meisch and I am born to kick ass on this planet. Thank you for every day I awake. But this Temple Massager thing is draining me and it has me driven to madness and it is killing me. Please guide me, please ancestors guide me and show me I am on the right track. Other people need your help but I will ask for guidance.

I meet Dave that was a sign. The sign. For Curtis and Mike and for our brothers and sisters serving and Dave and for those that gave all.

 Dave was the only guy in the world that could have read the article as far as I was concerned.

Only one guy had to read it and it was Dave.

 I know there are many brothers and sisters serving and that have served and they believe in what I am doing. I will give all I can, I will not give up.

The Temple Massager is my mission .4 I will always place the mission first. 5. I will never accept defeat 6. I will never quit. This I swear to and will see this Temple Massager idea to its DEATH or mine.