Donating Temple Massagers to Fort Bragg, Ca Veterans Service Organization.

It was a crisp morning on December 7th when Joe Meisch rose at 5 am but his heart was warm and full.  It was day one of making good on a promise to honor his service member brothers and sisters.  Back in September during suicide awareness month, Joe had pledged to donate 22 temple massagers a day for 22 days.  Over three hours later that morning, he arrived at the Fort Bragg Veterans Services Organization and met up with clinical psychologist, Dr. Vanessa Goertzen.  Joe proceeded to demonstrate his innovative calming device to veterans, answered questions, and donated thirty of the stress relieving Temple Massagers to regional veterans of Fort Bragg. 

“My personal message to these guys is that we are all part of a team and we have to look out for each other.”  Joe Meisch stated.  “The reason I am donating Temple Massagers to them today is because the moment they feel like grabbing something that could cause harm, be it a gun or a bottle of too many pills…I want them to have an alternative and to grab the Temple Massager instead.  I want them to be able to relieve their stress and to calm themselves.  I value the lives of each and every one of these guys and in my small humble way I’m just trying to help with a device I hope can give them relief.”

Next up on the horizon for Joe’s mission to donate, is another Northern California location, and meanwhile the Temple Massager is undergoing phase one of a pilot study with results reporting to department of defense officials interested in the product for PTS anger management.