They are joining me.

It has been 10 years I have been donating Temple Massagers to service members and veterans globally wherever they were deployed I sent Temple Massagers.  In combat, training, recovery and at home the Temple MAssager was sent. Over the years I have gone through much, I remember Dr Dinucci from NICAM explaining to me sometimes in life ideas are not embraced until the person that created it has passed. I retorted " I am seriously trying to buck that trend."

It is that hard to create a new device from nothing that has never existed before, I know, that is what I am doing. I think the odds are 1-3% of success. Yet here I am. I am always reminded of a Gandhi quote, when a person tries to do something different or a new way they will be ignored, if you continue they will laugh at you, if you continue they will call you names and yell at you, if you continue they will then join you.  I have walked the path of being ignored, laughed at, yelled at and now they are joining me.

I have a pilot study that is positive, Dr's interested in clinical studies and because I was lucky, crazy, obsessed and grateful for the strength to wage this fight now on the verge of success. On the verge of bringing a totally new way to create calming, distraction and possibly ease phantom pain   for PTS / stress injury. My focus was always on relieving service members and veterans of stress in a drug free way. I dedicated to two men that gave all, Pvt Young and SFC Ottolini and they helped me in death to find the wherewithal to continue. 

In the next few weeks we will have a clear path shaping up and a new workload to self task with.