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How the Temple Massager came about....

Near the end of my military career as a Combat Engineer and college student I was under heavy stress. I started to develop pain in my lower jaw area, began to poke and prod at my facial muscles with my sunglasses and the thought came to me that I needed to buy a temple massager tomorrow. Wrong answer, such a device did not exist. That was in September of 1997, my last year at Sonoma State University. After 4 years I received a Patent in 2008. During this time period people I served with in the military were being deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. I had hoped the Temple Massager would help service members and veterans to relax. I mean, who doesn’t want a temple massage? I started giving my product away to service members and veterans and over the course of 7 years gave away 1,300 of them. Through giving the Temple Massagers away and keeping up with former colleagues who were deployed I recalled two men I served with in the Army uniform that gave all Private, Curtis Young and Sergeant First Class, Michael Ottolini. I felt like I was trying to right a wrong and to honor those men. Their memories were motivating and helped me drive through tough times.

The road to creating the Temple Massager....

As the road to creating and bringing a new product to the market is very difficult and at times grueling, I would remember that I served with two men that gave all and I was not going to give up. Many potential investor candidates were requiring me to manufacture in China if I wanted the money and easy route. I said no. Consequently the Meisch Temple Massager is Made In USA. I re-familiarized myself with some Army culture I used to live by. #4) I will always place the mission first. #5) I will never accept defeat. #6) I will never quit. It was this that got me through some very dark days and very cold nights. I always reacted to adversity as though it was a test of my very existence as a man standing on my own on the surface of the Earth.

As for the Temple Massager and myself, there are brighter days ahead. Now that Temple Massager 2.0 is now available I am proud to bring drug free stress relief to my fellow Americans and to the world.

The Meisch Temple Massager will continue to support the military and veterans through reduced costs and donations.

A story about the postives of the Temple Massager...

While there are years’ worth of stories that arrive through giving Temple Massagers away, I would like to share one for now. In 2009 while giving Temple Massagers away to the 235th Engineers before deploying to Afghanistan, a sergeant came up to me, while holding the temple massager I’d just given him he said he was sending it home to his daughter in northern California. I asked him why. He quietly told me that his daughter was in Iraq in 2005 and injured during a bombing. She was unable to lift her arm up to her head. He said he was sending it home to her because he and his wife had always given their daughter a temple massage to help her sleep but while deployed, his wife had to take a second job. I gave him back the donated stripped down Temple Massager, and then asked what color does his daughter like? He said pink. I said how about magenta? He said great and offered me money. I said no three times, and said it’s on me. This story has a happy ending with everyone making it home. Months later the company commander issued a letter stating that the combat medic had informed him the product actually helped combat soldiers relax while back at base. If you experience any facial musculature tension issues or want to relax naturally then the Temple Massager might be an option.

Joe Meisch, creator, founder & President Temple Massager Inc.