We Absolutely Respect Your Privacy

Let’s make this simple: We do NOT trade, sell, exchange or in anyway share any personal information you may provide us. We absolutely believe in your privacy. Any information about you or anyone we aquire as a result of communications or sales is considered private. But wait! There’s more! All of our online credit card transactions are encrypted… even to us. That means, no one, not even the boss, can ever see your credit card information. That information is sent directly to the credit card company for confirmation and only the shipping information is provided to us. You cannot get much safer than that. We may, from time to time, send you an email about product/services updates. As yet, we have never done so… but someday we may want to let you know about product upgrades or new products. If you’d rather not ever hear from us again, you just let us know. We will permanently erase you from our email list. If you feel, in any way that you have recieved SPAM or that we violated our promise, fill out our contact form here. We will investigate immediately. We want you feel safe shopping and communicating with us.