Read about how the Temple Massager has helped a First Responder after he was called to help with the North Bay Fires in 2017 in Santa Rosa, CA.


Drug Free stress relief through cranial massage, acupressure and aromatherapy. Relieving facial muscle tension and eliciting the relaxation response.


We just launched our Temple Massager Donation Program. We have been asked many on many occasions how people could donate. So we listened and put together some donation packages.


 The Meisch Temple Massager is the first physical "mental focusing tool" in the world, Mind Body Calming! CAM Therapy Innovation. 


Dear Joe,
I would like to thank you for your wonderful product. I suffer from Cluster Headaches which are nicknamed suicide headaches because of the severity of the pain. My cluster headaches are chronic and I suffer every day with at least 6 headaches a day which can reach a level 10 pain level on bad days.

My whole life is centered around my headaches and your product has helped relieve the pain and many days I spend 8 hours or more using this product. I have spent thousands of dollars on doctors and medicine and the Temple Massager has been more effective than anything. Thanks again for your Temple Massager because it has truly been a godsend. Best wishes.