Results That Make Us Smile

August 26, 2019 
Subject: Meisch Temple Massager

I am a Marine long-range special operations team leader of the Vietnam era. In the years since, I became a trial attorney for several years, followed by stints as a corporate general counsel and eventually several “C-level” assignments as operating officer of several corporations. For many years, I have functioned in high tempo, demanding environments where stress is a constant factor.

In recent years, I became aware of the Temple Massager and through an acquaintance, had the occasion to meet the TM inventor, Joe Meisch. As a military veteran, it was refreshing to talk to such a highly motivated fellow veteran intent on finding non-invasive modalities for the treatment of stress, anxiety, PTSD, TMJ and more. I opted to give his Temple Massager a try…and I’m very glad that I did.

Although the TM appears simple in its construction and usage, its effectiveness is powerful and “for real.” Thinking back to my time leading a special operations team for an entire year, this device would have been an ideal methodology of settling down, leading to a calming effect and ultimate relaxation post operations. All of this occurs without drugs, alcohol and the like. It is simple to use, and the device is well constructed and capable of being carried or packed in a suitcase or carrying case easily.

Moreover, it is a great adjunct to a restful night’s sleep. I find it is very helpful to use lying in bed for a few minutes. From there, it is much easier for me to fall asleep and attain a peaceful night’s rest. I recommend the Temple Massager with enthusiasm…especially for those dealing with post-combat adjustments and others in any high stress environment. Use to calm yourself and relax…all without drugs, alcohol, etc. It is all natural in every respect and gets the job done.

Marine Combat Veteran
Attorney/Corporate Executive


Have used my Temple Massager faithfully for a month now and have noticed how effective it really is.  It seems to immediately hit the pressure points on my temples that weaken the headaches I suffer from most often. It’s not going to completely cure my particular set of circumstances, but it sure takes the edge off.  Remember to apply lotion to the temples for ease of use.  I most often use the Temple Massager at night and find that keeping the mouth open is the trick!

— MAY 2019


April 2019

Hi Joe, I don’t know if you will remember about 5 months ago you sat at the counter at Lucy’s in Monte Rio, Ca and I waited on you. Somehow we got on the subject of alternative health care ( must have been slow that day and the universe let me  have that time) We’ll you started telling me about massaging the temples and I kept the conversation up because you seemed like you know what you were talking about. So, you went into it, telling me the results you witnessed with your Temple Massager device.

Well, boy oh boy- you defiantly knew what you were talking about!!

The very next day a beloved local who had fell to the floor convulsing (never had a seizure before) while I happened to be in the room. I got to the floor and started massaging his temples (Our conversation was fresh on my mind.)

Steve Baxman the fire chief came in and took his pulse and blood pressure. The man’s eyes kept rolling to the back of his head and Baxman said he was dying. I just kept massaging his temples, his cheek and jaw for about 10 minutes before the ambulance got there – he kind of was lucid, I immediately saw him calm down when I started massaging his temples and face.

Well, when the ambulance took him we sort of thought we would never see him again. Mind you this man has never had a seizure. Well the next weekend he showed up at Lucy’s.

It blew our minds. If you had seen this man just 1 week ago on the floor- it’s a miracle.

Well, Mr. Meisch- it was no coincidence that you came in the day before- you were meant to.

People go through their whole life wondering who am I why am I here? You’re blessed to know how you touch lives and save people’s lives.

In my heart I know you saved Teddy’s life and enhanced mine with this awesome information- you are a gift!!

I hope I never have to do it again, it was very upsetting seeing a fellow human being in that much duress.

Keep up your wonderful work.

Thank you from my heart.


April 24, 2019

After a car accident in 2016, I began to have shortness of breath, fast breathing, and sometimes respiratory distress. All symptoms of a PDA. The patent ductus arteriosus which is a blood vessel that allows blood to go around the lungs before birth. Soon after the I was born and my lungs filled with air, the ductus arteriosus was supposed to close a couple of days after birth. If the vessel doesn't close, it is referred to as a PDA. The doctors my parents that it would close. But in my case, it did not.

September 11, 2017, I entered the hospital at University of California San Francisco where I was diagnosed with PDA. I was shocked and extremely concerned what I was looking at and when the doctors told me I was going to be on a long, long road of recovery. I started on a medicine intravenous called Remodulin. The side effects are headaches and extremity pain. The headaches were so bad that I was throwing up and getting so dizzy, I felt like I was going to fall. I prayed everyday them to go away.

A light came on in my brain. The temple massager that Joe Meisch created and gave to me literally saved my life. My husband brought it from home and as I began to use it, I could feel the pain and anxiety start to recede. The doctors and nurses were giving me anti-nausea medicine and other pills that would make me sleep, just so I would hopefully feel better. But really the only thing that gave me any kind of relief without pills and the side affects from those medicines, was the temple massager. When the doctors came my room and seen me putting the aromatherapy lavender oil onto the pad and massaging my temples and jaw, they could not understand what they were looking at and why I was no longer throwing up. I told them I did not want their pills and that this was the only thing that I needed to help me heal.

I am so grateful and extremely relieved that I got the chance to know Joe Meisch and use his creation. And that it is not only continuing to save me daily but will help millions of other people dealing with health and stress issues.


We recently donated to CHAMP Coalition for Headaches and Migraine Patients.

These 3 comments came from their recent event. Here is some of the attendee feedback we received specifically about the product that you so kindly donated:

“I love my temple massager!”

“Every 5 weeks, I get nerve blocks all around my scalp to deal with painful neuralgia. In between the injections, the pain continues to get worse. My muscles respond to this pain by becoming incredibly tense, which further exacerbates the pain. I use the massager all across my head to help relax these muscles. It is such a relief!”

“The Temple Massager is really helpful is relieving facial pain during a migraine attack – I was concerned that it would aggravate the pain, but it feels great!”

MAY 2019

“As a first responder during the North Bay Wildfires In 2017, Santa Rosa, CA, I was honored and humbled to have been able to work along side some of the best Fire Fighters I’ve ever worked with. One of the things I walked away with after those fires was PTSD. It became overwhelming and I realized I would have to get counseling. While the counseling helped while I was in the office, and perhaps a few hours after, I found that within a day or two I was back to being frustrated, depressed, unsettled, and not sleeping. I saw an article about Joe Meisch and the Temple Massager and wanted to know more. I reached out to Joe, told my story and without hesitation he sent me one in the mail. I was taken back by his generosity, but after speaking with the brother at length, that’s just who he is. I was excited when the Temple Massager arrived and anxious to try it. Part of My PTSD lives in my jaw muscles, I bite down a great deal, and the first thing I learned about the Temple Massager was that it was like having your own personal masseuse. As I began to massage my temples and down near my jaw, I could feel the relief as the tension went away. Took a while to get it down, but then I used the Aroma Pad to put some of my patchouli oil on it and my brain found peace and I was In Heaven! For Combat Veterans, First Responders, and even those carrying way too much stress - this simple to use device is nothing short of a miracle. While it does not in anyway take the place of counseling, it is certainly an additional tool that you can use 24X7, anytime, anyplace. Thank you Joe, and I mean thank you brother for thinking of us!”


“Subject: As a confirmed buyer all I can say is WOW!

Hey Joe and all your helpers,

Well, after using the Temple Massager for about a week I must say it has met and exceeded my expectations. I am a retired law enforcement veteran of 29 years. I experience headaches daily, have arthritis in my shoulder, neck and C-spine. For the last 14 years I’ve been on heavy medication and had a recent shoulder surgery.

So, to date, this wonderful little device has helped immensely with my headaches. I’m so impressed I am ordering another for my daughter.

I thank you and all who helped bring the massager to market.”


“I wanted to give you an update and thank you for the Temple Massager. I’ve been using it heavily this weekend and it’s been really really helpful. I guess I have been clinching my jaw and grinding my teeth at night or focusing while reading and my jaw muscle were really sore and tight. I spent the whole weekend massaging them and they actually feel better now. 
I also used it to massage my temples because I had a headache from sore jaw muscles and that really helped too. I really appreciate the gift, thanks so much.”


“Using the Meisch Temple Massager relieves my facial (temple and jaw) tension. The aroma therapy calms and relaxes me.”


“Combat, Veteran and former California WWP alumni manager Ken Misa. I saw the Temple Massager help some of our veterans calm themselves and I use the TM to relax personally.”


“I was skeptical of the Temple Massager but after my wife tried it, I started using it and I find it to be very helpful when I am pissed off and aggravated. I use it mainly at night before bed and I love it.”


“I’m a stressed out business man in Chatsworth, California. I am so stressed out I ground one of my molars to the pulp and had to have it surgically removed. After using the Temple Massager a few times throughout the day and before I go to bed I don’t grind my teeth as much”


“I Close My Eyes and Relax! Meisch Temple Massager take me away! With the aroma therapy and temple stimulation together I close my eyes and relax.”


“Dear Joe, 
I would like to thank you for your wonderful product. I suffer from Cluster Headaches which are nicknamed suicide headaches because of the severity of the pain. My cluster headaches are chronic and I suffer every day with at least 6 headaches a day which can reach a level 10 pain level on bad days. 
My whole life is centered around my headaches and your product has helped relieve the pain and many days I spend 8 hours or more using this product. I have spent thousands of dollars on doctors and medicine and the Temple Massager has been more effective than anything. Thanks again for your Temple Massager because it has truly been a godsend. 
Best wishes, ”