Results That Make Us Smile

“As a first responder during the North Bay Wildfires In 2017, Santa Rosa, CA, I was honored and humbled to have been able to work along side some of the best Fire Fighters I’ve ever worked with. One of the things I walked away with after those fires was PTSD. It became overwhelming and I realized I would have to get counseling. While the counseling helped while I was in the office, and perhaps a few hours after, I found that within a day or two I was back to being frustrated, depressed, unsettled, and not sleeping. I saw an article about Joe Meisch and the Temple Massager and wanted to know more. I reached out to Joe, told my story and without hesitation he sent me one in the mail. I was taken back by his generosity, but after speaking with the brother at length, that’s just who he is. I was excited when the Temple Massager arrived and anxious to try it. Part of My PTSD lives in my jaw muscles, I bite down a great deal, and the first thing I learned about the Temple Massager was that it was like having your own personal masseuse. As I began to massage my temples and down near my jaw, I could feel the relief as the tension went away. Took a while to get it down, but then I used the Aroma Pad to put some of my patchouli oil on it and my brain found peace and I was In Heaven! For Combat Veterans, First Responders, and even those carrying way too much stress - this simple to use device is nothing short of a miracle. While it does not in anyway take the place of counseling, it is certainly an additional tool that you can use 24X7, anytime, anyplace. Thank you Joe, and I mean thank you brother for thinking of us!”


“Subject: As a confirmed buyer all I can say is WOW!

Hey Joe and all your helpers,

Well, after using the Temple Massager for about a week I must say it has met and exceeded my expectations. I am a retired law enforcement veteran of 29 years. I experience headaches daily, have arthritis in my shoulder, neck and C-spine. For the last 14 years I’ve been on heavy medication and had a recent shoulder surgery.

So, to date, this wonderful little device has helped immensely with my headaches. I’m so impressed I am ordering another for my daughter.

I thank you and all who helped bring the massager to market.”


“I wanted to give you an update and thank you for the Temple Massager. I’ve been using it heavily this weekend and it’s been really really helpful. I guess I have been clinching my jaw and grinding my teeth at night or focusing while reading and my jaw muscle were really sore and tight. I spent the whole weekend massaging them and they actually feel better now. 
I also used it to massage my temples because I had a headache from sore jaw muscles and that really helped too. I really appreciate the gift, thanks so much.”


“Using the Meisch Temple Massager relieves my facial (temple and jaw) tension. The aroma therapy calms and relaxes me.”


“Combat, Veteran and former California WWP alumni manager Ken Misa. I saw the Temple Massager help some of our veterans calm themselves and I use the TM to relax personally.”


“I was skeptical of the Temple Massager but after my wife tried it, I started using it and I find it to be very helpful when I am pissed off and aggravated. I use it mainly at night before bed and I love it.”


“I’m a stressed out business man in Chatsworth, California. I am so stressed out I ground one of my molars to the pulp and had to have it surgically removed. After using the Temple Massager a few times throughout the day and before I go to bed I don’t grind my teeth as much”


“I Close My Eyes and Relax! Meisch Temple Massager take me away! With the aroma therapy and temple stimulation together I close my eyes and relax.”


“Dear Joe, 
I would like to thank you for your wonderful product. I suffer from Cluster Headaches which are nicknamed suicide headaches because of the severity of the pain. My cluster headaches are chronic and I suffer every day with at least 6 headaches a day which can reach a level 10 pain level on bad days. 
My whole life is centered around my headaches and your product has helped relieve the pain and many days I spend 8 hours or more using this product. I have spent thousands of dollars on doctors and medicine and the Temple Massager has been more effective than anything. Thanks again for your Temple Massager because it has truly been a godsend. 
Best wishes, ”