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Meisch Temple Massager

Posted by Insight Directory on 25 March 2015

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The Marin Scope Newspaper covers the Temple Massager, and Joe’s journey towards its invention.

Digging foxholes during a sleepless night at Army training camp, soon-to-be U.S. Army Reserves Combat Engineer Joe Meisch followed orders for a river recon the following morning. It was a scorching 110 degrees and Meisch dove into the freezing water. He emerged, exhaled and rested his cool cheek onto the sandy shore and closed his eyes.

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After 11 years in the Army reserves and the California Army National Guard, Cazadero resident Joe Meisch takes the Army engineers’ motto seriously: Adapt. Improvise. Overcome. That’s been his approach to turning his personal solution to a raging headache into a useful plastic gizmo that is apparently the only one of its type on the market. In the process, Meisch hasn’t strayed far from his roots.

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In September 2009 The creator of the Meisch Temple Massager, Joe Meisch, met with the company commander, Cory Marx, of the 235th Engineer Battalion in Petaluma, Ca his former unit he served 9years with. After reviewing and trying the Temple Massager Joe was asked to return to the family soldier pre-mobilization event. 75 soldiers grabbed Massager’s and took them to Afghanistan. See pictures. After the year long tour in heavy combat and rout clearing IED’s the company returned home with no fatalities to report. After talking again with Captain Cory Marx Joe learned soldiers appreciated the product after combat patrols while on their cots in the deserts of Afghanistan. The commander authorized this letter to Joe Meisch.

Temple Massager on KCBS Radio Show Nov. ’13. Hear the audio here.

RMV Technology Group featured The Temple Massager in their monthly journal.  They discuss how The Temple Massager offers possible relief of tinnitus, bruxism, TMD, and migranes, and also how Joe is committed to producing his massagers in America. Click Here to read the article

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Military veteran Joe Meisch finds the jolt his Temple Massager needed in the passion and ideas that MBA Boot Camp students provided. With determination and dedication the students offered direction, focus, and what Meisch called “the most valuable thing I’ve done,” which in turn “gave me a huge shot of confidence.”
Sam Beldona and Joe Meisch.jpgBefore he enrolled in the MBA Boot Camp Project at Dominican, military veteran Joe Meisch had spent 17 years developing, branding, and marketing the Temple Massager, a hand-held device designed to relieve stress, facial tension and headaches.

Meisch had been down many paths while building his product and company. It has led him to exploring Western medical literature, seeking expert testimonials from doctors at Stanford University to military commanders overseas and hoping to find investors who believed in the deeply personal mission and purpose of his project.

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