We recently donated to CHAMP Coalition for Headaches and Migraine Patients.

These 3 comments came from their recent event. Here is some of the attendee feedback we received specifically about the product that you so kindly donated:

“I love my temple massager!”

“Every 5 weeks, I get nerve blocks all around my scalp to deal with painful neuralgia. In between the injections, the pain continues to get worse. My muscles respond to this pain by becoming incredibly tense, which further exacerbates the pain. I use the massager all across my head to help relax these muscles. It is such a relief!”

“The Temple Massager is really helpful is relieving facial pain during a migraine attack – I was concerned that it would aggravate the pain, but it feels great!”


Vanesa Goertzen, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist review from February 2017.

Since 2007 our company has donated 2,800 products to Walter Reed, Bethesda Naval and service members around the world.



Bethesda Naval Donor Appreciation Letter

Temple Massager used by 235th En Co, as a Combat Stress Relief Letter

American Red Cross Donor Appreciation Letter 2007

American Red Cross Donor Appreciation Letter 2008