Here is how to use the Temple Massager to calm and relax.

Make yourself comfortable preferably laid down or sitting in a reclining chair. If you don’t have that just sit or lay down anywhere and open the massager arms so they are about head width apart then push the Temple Massager arms over your forehead and then adjust the pressure to your desire and begin to move the Temple Massager around your temple area. Move the massage tips all around the ear and jaw. All the while you breathe deeply.

Be Mindful, stop thinking, let the stimulation of massage and aromatherapy be your total awareness.   


Combat Army soldiers deployed to Afghanistan, Iraq and Kuwait have reported:

“The Temple Massager was used as a natural form of combat stress relief.”

Service members in recovery at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center reported:

 “The Temple Massager acted as a drug free distractor.”

Veterans across the U.S. have reported:

“That Temple Massager stops me from thinking and for that I am grateful.”


Doctors from many west coast universities examined the feedback and comments we received and it was explained to us by the doctors that they thought the Temple Massager was stimulating the Trigeminal nerve, facial muscle and acupressure points along with the Lavender Aromatherapy. The doctors explained the massage and aromatherapy may be eliciting the Relaxation Response which triggers brain chemistry to produce increased dopamine and endorphins while the acupressure may be causing the distracting aspect.  

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