The Temple Massager was designed to relieve the user from holding up and engaging the neck, shoulders, arms and hands so you can get a personalized pressure adjusted targeted massage at little effort. Keeping the facial muscles relaxed is recommended by Dr’s to prevent and relieve facial muscle tension that can lead to tension headaches caused by stress.

Massaging the entire area of the side of the head is important to relieve muscle tension that can lead to tension headaches. We recommend the tri-point massage tip for this. Focusing the massage tips around the top of the ear and around the temple area is best, it is important to remember to let your mouth hang open. If you allow your jaw to hang open the facial muscles are not engaged and you will get more out of massaging a limp or not engaged muscle than keeping your mouth closed which engages the facial muscle. Breathing deep is critical as you massage. Some people including the creator of the Temple Massager who suffers from migraine headaches likes the lights out while lying down and in a quiet area.

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With every use remember to be mindful, clear your mind and only acknowledge the stimulation of massage and aromatherapy.