The Temple Massager, as described by Doctor Mark Abramson Adjunct Professor Stanford University School of Medicine founder of the Mindfulness based stress clinic, is stimulating critical areas of the head such that the users awareness shifts from daily thoughts or intrusive thoughts to the massage and aromatherapy stimulation thus breaking a person out of reoccurring intrusive thoughts of past trauma. This bad loop memory can cause an increase of adrenaline and cortisol which are powerful stress hormones that can cause harm by keeping a person at constant vigilance or hyperawareness when they are not actually in harm’s way.

For a person to now have a small lightweight tool to instantly stop these intrusive reoccurring thoughts is a new way of approaching mental health. Based on thousands of years of temple massaging, aromatherapy and acupressure the Temple Massager was designed to deliver Holistic practices or also known as CAM therapy (Complimentary Alternative Medicine.) in a drug free and noninvasive manner. 

If a person has been exposed to any trauma in life, military or not, bad stuff is bad stuff no matter who you are. You could have these reoccurring thoughts haunting you. The creator of the Temple Massager suffered from these thoughts when a fellow soldier drowned in training. He has used the Temple Massager to disrupt these reoccurring thoughts which gets you out of that mental rut.

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