I wanted to give you an update and thank you for the Temple Massager. I’ve been using it heavily this weekend and it’s been really really helpful. I guess I have been clinching my jaw and grinding my teeth at night or focusing while reading and my jaw muscle were really sore and tight. I spent the whole weekend massaging them and they actually feel better now. 
I also used it to massage my temples because I had a headache from sore jaw muscles and that really helped too. I really appreciate the gift, thanks so much.

— Satisfied customer, CA

“Using the Meisch Temple Massager relieves my facial (temple and jaw) tension. The aroma therapy calms and relaxes me.

— Heather Haun Brown Bag Yoga

“Combat, Veteran and former California WWP alumni manager Ken Misa. I saw the Temple Massager help some of our veterans calm themselves and I use the TM to relax personally.

— Ken Misa

“I was skeptical of the Temple Massager but after my wife tried it, I started using it and I find it to be very helpful when I am pissed off and aggravated. I use it mainly at night before bed and I love it.

— U.S. Navy Seal

“I’m a stressed out business man in Chatsworth, California. I am so stressed out I ground one of my molars to the pulp and had to have it surgically removed. After using the Temple Massager a few times throughout the day and before I go to bed I don’t grind my teeth as much

— Anon Chatsworth, CA

“I Close My Eyes and Relax! Meisch Temple Massager take me away! With the aroma therapy and temple stimulation together I close my eyes and relax.

— Celeste Reimann Front Street Hair Studio